SIAP Coordination Meeting

On July 12, with the Support of EUVEGE project, the MoES VET Department  held the SIAP  Coordination meeting  in Betsy’s Hotel. Based on the agenda, SIAP 2017 activities for Qrt1 and Qrt2 was reviewed, and SIAP 2017 Q3 activities were previewed. Next SIAP coordination meeting is planned in the end of September and will be supported by UNDP.

Communication Contact Group meeting

EUVEGE held a Communication Contact Group (CCG) meeting in Betsy’s Hotel on Friday, 23 June. The group members discussed the branding of VET and Employment Support Services, the upcoming Momavali Shenia event in Telavi and other subjects. The CCG meeting was the sixth within one year. The CCG meets to discuss the cooperation on communications in the VET and Employment sectors.

Communications Monitoring & Evaluation

EUVEGE implemented the one-day workshop Communications Monitoring & Evaluation delivered by Key Expert 3, Michael Ellenrieder, on Thursday, 22 June, in Betsy’s Hotel. The workshop was attended by participants from the MoES and MoLHSA. Tata Sakvarelidze from the EU funded EVET project was also among the audience. The subject was about how to monitor and evaluate communications activities implemented by the ministries.